Each trip is unique

« It’s not about Life being short, it’s just that time passes quickly… »
Henri Jeanson – Le Saint

Time passes only once, it is your most valuable ressource. Dedicating our time to help You gain time is our job : our customers trust that we will take care of their flights, leaving them in charge of their time.

Wether you be a great Business Leader, a top athlete, a Celebrity in the limelight, or simply a globetrotter in search of the great escape, we take care of every single detail, so your mind can be free at all time.


Whatever your destination, whatever your desire, we set all of your scores to music, with the highest level of commitment, in order to deliver an unforgettable flight experience.



More than your travel agent, ACCESSAIR finds you the best bookings on scheduled flights and manages all your needs for changes, adjustments or cancellations according to your requirements. Seamlessly. Confidently.

ACCESSAIR has the IATA (International Air Transport Association) certification.


Which plane for your private jet flight?

Because every flight is different, our team of experts will help you choose the right private jet.
Here are the essential criteria for choosing your private jet:

  • The distance traveled (criterion #1)
  • The number of passengers (equally important)
  • Your budget for your private jet trip
  • The purpose of the flight (family flight, business flight, medical flight…)
  • The level of comfort you desire (we only offer luxury private jets)