AccessAir teams are mobilized in face of major disruptions this summer !

An ideal summer season for the aviation industry

Summer is finally here, and travel demand is at its highest. However, the post-covid period is causing huge disruptions in aviation and airports, especially in Europe. The industry is even higher than the pre-pandemic level according to the CEO of ACI EUROPE and the Director of ASA. Even if private jet travel appears to be the ideal alternative to commercial aviation, it remains largely impacted with several operational challenges expected until the end of the summer. 

Increased traffic, aircraft shortages, fuel prices…

Increases and concentration of air traffic represent a real challenge for airports and for business aviation operational staff. 

The increase in traffic will lead to all kinds of disruptions:

– Price increases
– Fuel delays
– Airport slots
– Security checks
– Large number of passengers in the business lounges…

But also, and above all, the shortage of planes. Demand is higher than supply and fuel is more expensive. Chartering your next business jet will be more expensive than usual. 

The AccessAir team guarantees you the best service 

In this exceptional situation, AccessAir’s entire operational and commercial team is available 24/7 to prioritize your needs and guarantee the best possible service. Our experience in business aviation ensures that we can mitigate the situation and be as flexible as possible. Our goal is to make these constraints as transparent as possible to not disrupt your experience. 

We advise you to book as soon as possible to ensure better aircraft availability and to cope with the aircraft shortage! 

Once again, we thank you for your trust and understanding and look forward to a successful summer season full of memorable moments and experiences. 

The AccessAir team

+33 (0) 1 74 25 49 24

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