Accessair is with you every step of the way and beyond. As a creator of unique experiences, Accessair guarantees you exceptional service and high flight quality.
Creativity, confidentiality, and the global mastering of every single process are the heart of our model: Luxury Aviation is our passion, your satisfaction our business.


Accessair is your reference in terms of security. From private jet to Limo services, our business aviation experts are in constant contact with the most reliable partners in Europe.
Private jets chartered by Accessair are insured and go under rigorous maintenance, checked before each take-off, thus ensuring complete safety of the passengers. All of our partners’ aircraft also have an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) attesting to each company’s ability to provide safe flights. In addition, Accessair is IATA accredited and a member of the Air Charter Association. Find out more
Discretion belongs to safety. At Accessair, our discretion is acclaimed, flight after flight, by our most demanding clients (executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs). You deserve the luxury of a tailor-made flight.
Our values are standing by you : our expertise, your trust. Our team constantly delivers a complete range of skills, technical and operational know-how, and will always provide the unique, customized flight experience.
Regarding payment, Accessair uses fast and reliable platforms that allow to easily process and secure payments worldwide. Adapting to all its customers, different types of payment methods are possible, from bank transfer to cryptocurrency thanks to the brand new Paynode software.


Because hospitalization is not a trivial event in the life of a child or teenager, Accessair is committed to supporting their mental health throughout their recovery process.
That’s why, in 2020, Accessair teams got together to put a smile back on the faces of hospitalized children with the help of the CéKeDubonheur  association by organizing a visit to the Air and Space Museum. The objective of this visit? to maintain the social link among children and teenagers and to fight against the isolation linked to the hospitalization.
The Air and Space Museum is the oldest existing aeronautical museum. Children and teenagers will be able to discover more than 150 original airplanes, two Concorde airplanes that can’t be found anywhere else, life-size models of the Ariane 1 and 5 rockets, and climb aboard a Boeing 747 for a complete visit.
Let’s do it again! In 2022, the museum reopens its doors to the Accessair team and the CéKeDubonheur association for a new visit of the novelties exhibited at the museum.

Accessair is also in partnership with the association Lumières d’Enfants whose mission is to help the most underprivileged, especially women and children in the most disadvantaged countries.
In January 2022, Accessair paid for the plane tickets of the 8 volunteers who worked in the village of Santiaba in Senegal. They also brought 100 kg of pharmaceutical products in their suitcases. These nurses and nursery nurses consulted more than 120 adults and as many children of all ages during a 10-day period. It is a pleasure to share our support for this noble cause and to improve together the health and care conditions of these women and children.