Accessair makes its personalized service an identity, going the extra mile for its customers. By personalizing every detail of each of its flights, customers enjoy a real moment of well-being and out of the ordinary, directly in their private jet. More than a simple flight, we offer you a real moment of escape! Whatever the reason of your trip is, we will awaken your senses.

On board our flights you will find a multitude of possibilities that have been created for you, or the promotion of your image.

Customization means stimulating your senses:


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When you arrive at the foot of the plane, a carpet with your image or that of your customers will be waiting for you, when you look at your plane you will see your logo on the fuselage, then when you enter the plane you will discover that on each seat, headrests have been placed with your colors…


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You sit down and discover that a cushion, a blanket and a wet towel have been carefully prepared with your brand image.



You are traveling for the 4th time with AccessAir and you recognize the pleasant scent that has been carefully chosen and diffused to relax you.


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The hostess brings you the meals of your choice. Macaroons with your logo, fruit platters, world cuisine … personalized catering is our core business.


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We will have predefined in advance and informed the crew of the reason for your trip so that you can listen to your favorite playlists, work or simply sleep in the greatest calm.

Traveling with Accessair is about getting to know you and awakening your senses.