The pinnacle of comfort, luxury and amenities on board. VIP Airliners are airliners, originally intended for commercial flights, redesigned with “VIP” interiors. The cabins are more spacious than any other category of private aircraft: they are fully equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms and dining areas. Each aircraft has a different configuration and a unique interior design. Choose between an ACJ, a BBJ or a Lineage 1000 for an exceptional private flight.

The most requestedSeats
Airbus Corporate jet 19-26
Boeing Business jet19-26
LINEAGE 100019-26

19 to 26 seats

nb de sièges

Up to 10 hours flying time

jusqu'a...h de vol


The Embraer Lineage 1000 aircraft is ideal for long-haul flights. The cabin is designed in 5 different compartments: bedroom, kitchen area, bathroom, office, …
The baggage compartment allows the transport of a large number of suitcases. The cabin is fully equipped and soundproof, reducing passenger fatigue and making your trip more pleasant.


Embraer (Brazil)

Number of seats:
depends on the configuration of the aircraft

870 km/h

8350 km

114.9 m³ of luggage

2 hostesses available on board

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