Super Light Jets are the most versatile business aircraft, highly appreciated by customers for their comfort, speed and range. This category is perfectly suited for routes up to 4000km, bringing major European cities into your reach. In addition to their competitive pricing, these aircraft have the size and speed to be real time savers on your business trips: landing on small runways closer to your final destination.

The most requestedSeats
Embraer Phenom 300/300E7
Cessna Citation XLS/ XLS+8
Lear 758
Bombardier LearJet 45/45XR8

Up to 8 seats

nb de sièges

Up to 2,5 hours of flight time

jusqu'a...h de vol

Phenom 300

A key element of the Super Light Jet category, the Phenom 300’s performance exceeds other aircrafts in its category, making it the best-selling business jet in the world. The comfortable cabin, ergonomic reclining leather seats, and remarkable stability of the aircraft provide the perfect setting for a restful flight. The Phenom 300 is therefore the aircraft we recommend for short trips.


Embraer (Brazil)

Number of seats:
5-6 passengers

720 km/h

3600 km

Cargo volume :
2.2 m³ luggage

Ability to land on
short runways

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