The Midsize Jets combine comfort, performance and cost-effectiveness for medium-haul flights. They are spacious enough to accommodate groups of up to 9 passengers. They are suitable for longer journeys and offer more cabin space than the Super Light Jets, and have a speed similar to commercial aircrafts.

The most requestedSeats
Bombardier Lear 60/60 XR7
Hawker 750
Gulfstream G150
Cessna Citation VII8
Hawker 850 XP 8
Legacy 5008
Cessna Citation Sovereign8
Hawker 900 XP8
Citation Latitude 8
Beechcraft Hawker 800 XP8
Embraer Praetor 5008
Citation III9

Up to 9 seats

nb de sièges

Up to 6 hours of flight time

jusqu'a...h de vol

Beechcraft Hawker 800 XP

Le Beechcraft Hawker 800 XP is truly redefining business aviation and in particular the Midsize Jet category. Its cabin can accommodate up to 8 passengers in well-appointed, comfortable and elegant seats. On board, passengers enjoy sophisticated comfort and amenities as well as large windows that allow plenty of natural light to flood in. This mid-size private jet also equipped with a wide variety of modern systems and a flexible configuration with 360-degree swivel seats and in-flight baggage access for the ultimate in guest comfort.


Hawker Beechcraft

Number of seats:
8 passengers

785 km/h

4,570 km

Cargo volume :
1.36 m³ luggage

1 hostess available
on board

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