Unleash your creativity at 40,000 feet without ever leaving the ground

With a solid foundation of 15 years of expertise in the industry of business aviation, our experience allows us to expand well beyond charter flights. Bringing together innovation and customization, Accessair unveils its newest concept. Unique in its kind and designed to meet the growing demands of the market, discover JetLab by Access Air.

Inspired by a last generation business jet, this full-size replica is designed to meet the needs of the public while offering an ease of use. JetLab offers you a space that reflects the accuracy of a private jet while being modular in its construction.

Discover this aircraft interior composed of 3 sections, each of which can be split apart into two modules to fully adapt to your needs. Adding to this, customization options in each module, JetLab by Access Air creates a true laboratory of visual possibilities.


Want to shoot in a private jet? JetLab gives you the space you need with no limitations and without worrying about airport constraints.

JetLab allows you to modulate different sections endlessly and customize them in the smallest details; playing with the intensity of the light, adjusting the windows or the screens becomes child’s play! Do not be restricted in your choice of scenarios and unleash your creativity with a tool that can be separated, opened and even uncapped! Enjoy the quality of a real private jet with a great flexibility. You can focus on your production in a fully renovated and spacious space for you and your team.

The JetLab team remains at your disposal to satisfy your needs and set up the premises according to your desires.


Designed to also meet the demands of photo shoots, JetLab puts its space at your disposal, to allow you to carry out your work in serenity. JetLab offers you the possibility to customize each section as you wish. With pricings that are more beneficial than the operational ones and with a clear view of future availability, gain in freedom and work with a flexible schedule.

As with filming, JetLab offers you the space and distance needed to find the perfect angle and to put into place the conditions needed to make your visions a reality. If you want a wide-angle shot or just want to capture a detail, you have the choice of using JetLab in its entirety, splitting it in half or using just one module. Not convinced by the angle or the light? Each module is mounted on wheels, allowing easy movement. The roof can also be removed, giving the camera room to pass through or over it. The premises given to you, offers you the space to have total mobility for your shootings, your equipment and your teams.

Elevate your imagination with a real and refined setting reflecting luxury, modernity and innovation. The JetLab team remains at your disposal to comply to your needs and accompany you in your projects.


The training of VIP flight personnel is becoming more and more demanding, especially in the industry of business aviation. Today, the industry offers specialized training to meet the demanding requirements of the private sector.

If you want to train your students in real-life situations, JetLab is the perfect tool. Offering a real aircraft with true proportion and visuals, where you can put your students to the test in an authentic setting. Whether you use the 6 modules all together or are separately, JetLab will meet all your needs.

Are you in a flight attendant course or being coached? JetLab will be your arena. It can be constructed in all possible configurations, allowing you to gain knowledge and experience with real-life situations.

JetLab offers flexibility and modularity for teaching purposes. Opportunities are endless: learn about onboard service, discover the inner space of a jet, put theory into practice, work in serenity without the pressure of time or the constraints of the operational. The world of business aviation requires flawless and exemplary technical skills. Therefore, put on your side, all the resources necessary to achieve your own success with JetLab by Accessair.

Are you one of the 56% of aviophobes in France? JetLab by Accessair is in partnership with many psychologists and hypnotists who treat fears through hypnosis. They will be able to put into practice their hypnosis session in order to cure your phobia and make your anxiety related to flying disappear.


In a competitive and evolving market, it is crucial to constantly adapt and renew yourself. By choosing JetLab by Accessair as your next event venue, you promise to bring a new form of creativity. With the ability to completely customize the event, you will guarantee that your guests will live an unforgettable experience. In addition, by giving your audience an exceptional and memorable experience in a unique location, you will automatically create a connection with your guests.

JetLab also helps you stand out from the competition. Including JetLab in your event will guarantee a differentiation and will enhance your company in the eyes of your clients or prospects. So, whether it is for a product launch, corporate or private party, fashion show or other, choose to go against convention and become viral with JetLab.


Since its creation, Accessair has made its personalized service an identity, going the extra mile for its customers. For this reason, JetLab is not only available in our offices but can be delivered to a location of your choice. Thanks to its wheeled construction and fully modular structure, it can be transported by truck to your premises. Whether you wish to work with all of the modules or only some, Accessair offers a transportation service in France or abroad. This includes a JetLab team member who will accompany the product and be present to set-up your various requested configurations.

Mentioning only a few examples possible with the use of JetLab, nothing limits its usage. Whether you want to make an impression and promote a company product or organize a flight simulator gaming tournament, no idea is too unorthodox for us.

Accessair offers you customized services that are 100% adaptable to your needs. Our team remains at your disposal to help you implement your visions or to assist you in developing your ideas and projects.

New premises, new decor with an enthusiastic team and “à la carte” services: the Accessair team has done everything possible to offer you ideal conditions.

We invite you to contact us to know the different modalities of renting JetLab as well as all the possible options available.