We have of course created our AccessAir “Club” which will allow you to access all AccessAir services and benefit from many privileged advantages and prices of a network club.
Predefine your membership and its advantages with our experts:

Block of hours: Depending on your needs, choose a block of hours per year. The choice of the block of hours is determining, it is the activation of your membership and will allow you to detach yourself from the problems of payment and taxation.

Concierge: After defining your hours you will benefit from an adapted concierge service.

– “Jet-Lab“: 1, 2 or 3 privatizations included. At Le Bourget airport, you can privatize “Jet-Lab” for your events and take advantage of this unique and uncommon place while enjoying all the amenities it offers.

Network: For private aircraft users, the Club’s network will allow you to meet on a regular basis with people who have the same experience as you, ask the same questions, have the same problems…

It is also an opportunity to be fully integrated in the private aviation world and to be accompanied and advised by experts on all the points that interest you.