Accessair :

Evasion and discretion

After 15 years of experience, Accessair is the outcome of a project focused on customization and satisfaction of a demanding clientele. We build our reputation, day after day, flight after flight, in the pursuit of excellence. In this approach, personalization and adaptation are at the core of the values we advocate. We are committed to providing an outstanding custom-made service.

CEO & Founder

Why trust Accessair ?

Our team of experts places its professionalism at your service – 7 days a week / 24 hours a day – to offer you the tailor-made flight experience that corresponds to your requirements, your requests and your dreams.

Creativity, hospitality and discretion are at the very core of Accessair’s approach : luxury aviation is our business and our passion.

Our ambition : your complete satisfaction, whatever the duration of your private flight.

Your satisfaction, our focus

To reach our goal of 100% satisfaction, we start with your request. When do you want to leave? Where would you like to send your family and friends? Do you have a preference for one private jet over another? What urgent contract do you need to sign in 3 or 4 hours in Zurich or London?

Trained to the Accessair method (personalization, negotiation, respect of deadlines…), our team members always find the best solution for your flight.

Our team of experts ? International, mastering several languages. We carefully put together a team with validated experience in the luxury and aviation industries.

Every detail of your request is studied, every scenario considered to bring you to your destination, quickly and well.

« Saying no to the client is not an option. »

Sabrina Lefdou
Business Developer at Accessair

4 essential values to bring you to the sky


Our international team is by your side for all your requests. From your reservation to your landing, Accessair is committed to assisting you.


Our experts provide you with a high standard of service by a team that listens to you for a unique and unforgettable experience.


Do you have a tight schedule with several trips in one day ? Accessair allows you to optimize your time by traveling in a private plane, the safest and most comfortable method for your business trips.


Accessair is proud of its creative staff, always ready to take “risks” for the best end result. The “unseen” is what we take care of, to ensure that every flight is 100% in line with your requests.