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Finding your private plane is our job !

Chartering private aircrafts is our mission. We have the team and the resources to save you time. As air charter brokers, we understand the private aviation market better than anyone. With Accessair, fly whenever you want at the best market prices.


Travelling by private plane : luxury and discretion with Accessair

Our discretion is acclaimed, flight after flight, by our discerning clients (executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs). You deserve the luxury of a tailor-made flight.


Private aviation at your disposal

Luxury and comfort

Enjoy the best in-flight comfort (space, electronic devices, controlled temperature) and get a service worthy of the greatest Maison de luxe.

Speed and security

Your time is precious: we promise a 10-minute response time and boarding of your business jet in less than 2 hours.


Flying with Accessair means that your movements remain confidential and your interests are protected.


Last minute private jet flight requests and special requests for a customized flight, there is no limit to your creativity and your desires (birthday, wedding proposal, international tour).

Your « à la carte » travel