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What is private jet charter?

Chartering private jets through a brokerage company like Accessair means renting private jets to transport clients from one point to another.
Accessair takes chartering beyond simply traveling. Its customer care experts customize each of its flights to suit its customers.


What types of flights are available?

Accessair offers VIP flights that meet the needs and requirements of its customers perfectly.  Group flights are also available for booking with a privatized service and a full personalization of the aircraft selected for your specific event and requested number of people.
Cargo flights allow for the safe transport of all types of merchandise. Accessair team is able to organize a medical flights on board private jets specially designed to meet the needs of passengers and medical staff along with any specific necessities.
Need to land in certain hard-to-reach areas? Accessair will find a helicopter to fly you to your mountain chalet or yacht on the open sea.


How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

The price range can be wide when chartering a private jet as they depend on several factors such as the type of jet, the distance traveled, the time of the year, the number of passengers … but on average the prices range between 7,000 euros to more than 20,000 euros for a Paris-Nice.

Which private jets does Accessair have access to?

Thanks to its numerous partners such as operators, Accessair has access to a fleet of over 25,000 different aircraft available worldwide.
Find all the private jets in which you could travel by clicking below:


What other offers does Accessair have?

Accessair offers a wide range of services. In addition to chartering private jets, Accessair teams offer you :
– Its concierge service, which can book your flight tickets, manage your airport-hotel transfers, book your nights in the greatest palaces, chartering luxury yachts, and altogether meet all your needs.
Onboard experiences that make your flights unforgettable.
Onboard personalization that will awaken your five senses.
JetLab, offering access to a full-size replica of a state-of-the-art private jet cabin created to meet the growing demand of the audiovisual industry as well as being used for cabin crew training, events or other purposes.
JetClub by Accessair, allows its members to enjoy many exclusive benefits of a networking club.



Can I travel with my pet?

To travel with your pet, it is essential that its vaccinations are up to date. Additionally, your pet must have an up-to-date passport and a valid electronic chip.
Furthermore, traveling with pets requires special accreditation at the departure and arrival airports. Commercial airlines must also have a permit to carry pets on board their aircraft. These different certifications guarantee a perfect flight quality for your companions on board.
Please be advised that if you wish to travel to these following European countries: Malta, Sweden, Ireland, United Kingdom, a deworming treatment is required up to 5 days before arrival.

How much luggage can I take?

The amount of luggage depends on the type of private jet selected. On average, it is possible to take 4 pieces of luggage on a Very light jet and more than 20 pieces on an Ultra long range jet. For group flights with VIP airliners, the baggage capacity can go up to more than 100 luggages.

What can be arranged on board a private jet?

Accessair offers a wide range of services. In addition to chartering private jets, Accessair’s teams are committed to making your flight an unforgettable experience. Thus, in addition to a 100% customized flight, any type of experience on board will be possible.
Would you like to relax with a massage on board, enjoy the talents of a chef on board, maybe expand your knowledge with a wine tasting on board or celebrate love in the air? No request will be too crazy for our teams who will prepare the flight to match your vision and go beyond your expectations.


What is an empty leg?

An empty leg is a repositioning flight without passengers. Thus, chartering an empty leg flight will allow you to save up to 75% of the initial flight price. Please note that empty leg flights are subject to and dependent on the main flight.

How do I book my private jet ?

Thanks to the development of brokerage platforms such as Accessair, chartering business jets has never been so simple, fast and accessible. The booking process goes through 5 steps:

  1. Contact us: based on the information you provide – i.e. itinerary, desired departure or arrival time, number of passengers, quantity and specifics regarding luggage, various on-board catering requests, presence of pets and other special requests – our air brokers can start searching for the best deals among thousands of private jets.
  2. Choose your flight: our experts come back to you with a range of offers, depending on your specific demands. You can now select the flight best suited for your needs. Naturally our air brokers and their expertise remain at your disposal to guide and advise you. 
  3. Prepare your flight: Accessair is leader and expert in flight customization to make your onboard experience unique and unforgettable. At this stage, we listen to any type of experience you wish to have during your journey. See onboard experiences
  4. Board the plane: Every time we depart from Paris, an Accessair team member will welcome you being at the foot of the plane and facilitate your departure just before takeoff.
  5. Enjoy the Accessair experience, tell others about it and do it again



How much time do I have before departure time to contact Accessair?

Our saying? Flexibility. Our teams are available 24/7 to find the flight that suits you. Once your flight is confirmed, your take-off could be within 2 hours.

Are there flight attendants on board a private jet?

Hostesses are not available on all types of jets. Indeed, you will find flight attendants on your Midsize Jet, Super Midsize Jet, Heavy Jet, Ultra Long Range Jet and VIP Airliners flights.

How do I get to the airport from my hotel?

In addition to booking your flight tickets and organizing your flight, the VIP Concierge service organizes your airport-hotel transfers and provides vans from the most reliable transfer companies in Europe.


What kind of food is available on board private jets?

Onboard catering is our specialty. With partners all over the world, we can provide you with any kind of food you want. Personalized macaroons, cupcakes with your name on them, a la carte brunches, world cuisine and much more await you.

What is the concierge service?

The concierge desk will do its utmost to organize your transfer by van from the airport to your hotel. It will also find you the palace that corresponds to your expectations with ever more advantageous rates.
Want to spend a day on a luxury yacht? Our concierge team will take care of everything.

In conclusion, our concierge service takes care of all your requests.