Business aviation is an ever-expanding industry offering many advantages, including time savings, flexibility, and comfort. Thanks to the development of brokerage companies such as Accessair, the rental of commercial aircraft has never been so simple, fast, and accessible. It is now possible, more than ever, to travel on board a luxurious and 100% personalized private jet.

Contact us: Based on the information you provide us – i.e. itinerary, desired departure or arrival time, number of passengers, baggage quantity and specifications, various catering requests, presence of pets and other special requests – our air brokers can start searching for the best deals among thousands of private jets.

Choose your flight: our experts will suggest a variety of propositions, depending on your requirements and needs. Thus, with the help of our advice, you are able to select the offer that best suits you.

Preparation of your flight: Accessair is an expert in flight customization to make your onboard experience unique and unforgettable. Today, we are open to any type of experience you would wish to have during your trip. View in-flight experiences

Get on board: Every time we depart from Paris, an Accessair team member will be at the foot of the plane to greet you just before takeoff.

Enjoy the Accessair experience, talk about it and do it again