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About Us

For over a decade, Access Air has delivered the highest standard of service while surpassing our competitors in the space of personalized business aviation. We believe in the importance of transparency among our clients and providers.

Our team of experts, are dedicated in providing you a tailored flight experience, to match your every request and create the best experience for you. Access Air, is where Hospitality meets Aviation. Our passion for aviation and extensive experience allows us to be creative, come up with solutions for "impossible" situations and develop deep bonds with all parties as a result of a profound attention to detail.

« When it comes to service, our customers don't take 'NO' »

Sabrina - Business Aviation Specialist at Accessair

Our team

International and talented with diverse industry experiences spanning aviation, travel, technology and luxury goods. The Accessair Team represents the strength of the company. 

Our Management is responsible for overseeing and supervising all of Accessair's activity. It is committed to managing every single flight with the highest level of professionalism to ensure smooth air charter services, passenger satisfaction and unparalleled

Our team