JetLab, the eco-responsible solution for your shoots!

Since March 31, 2023, the CNC (National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image) has required that beneficiaries of production aid submit a provisional and a final report on the carbon emissions generated by the production of their works. In order to help audio-visual production companies enter into an eco-responsible activity, there are organizations such as Secoya Eco-Tournage.

Secoya supports the companies by proposing alternative solutions, including partner filming locations. Thanks to Secoya, the production companies concerned fully participate in the ecological transition and respond to the major socio-climatic challenges of our time.

Recently, JetLab was introduced by Secoya Eco-Tourage as a shooting solution for productions wishing to reduce their environmental impact.

With JetLab, it is now possible to shoot scenes in a private jet cabin, without even taking off from the ground and with zero carbon emissions. The filming location was entirely imagined by Emma Berkovits, CEO of AccessAir, in order to meet an emerging need of our customers.

The use of a real private jet for the realization of a shooting requires numerous authorizations and represents a significant cost. JetLab makes it possible to overcome these technical and financial constraints, it is an economical and especially more ecological place to shoot.

Today, JetLab welcomes many production companies, brands and other content creators and offers them an innovative setting for their shootings and photo shoots!

Wanna shoot in a unique setting? JetLab is the ideal place!
Discover this set representing, identically, a private jet cabin of the Ultra Long Range type.

To learn more, check out this interview given by Lucie Peters, JetLab manager, conducted by Secoya.

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