Top 5 customized flights by AccessAir in 2022

As a creator of unique experiences, AccessAir guarantees an exceptional quality of service and the ultra-customization of our flights contributes greatly to this.
We collaborate with the most prestigious brands to offer our customers unique and unforgettable experiences.

During the year 2022, AccessAir has continued to innovate on its customers’ flights.

A look back at AccessAir’s top 5 most beautiful flight customizations in 2022

LBG > AUH – Ferrari theme

In November 2022, we organized a flight to Abu Dhabi for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Passengers traveling with friends in a Legacy 600 were traveling to the event and supporting the Ferrari team. We fully customized the cabin with accessories in the Ferrari colors to give our customers an immersive experience from the moment they arrived on the plane and in the colors of the event.

NCE > JRO – Safari in Tanzania theme

For her birthday, our client rented a private jet to Tanzania for a family safari. For the occasion, our teams created a savannah-themed setting on board the jet to immerse the passengers in the world of the Safari. Explorers’ hats, compasses, maps, leopard-print plaids, every detail is designed to create a unique experience.

LGB > AYT – “Marry me” theme

In May 2022, one of our customers expressed a very special request for his next flight, which would mark a decisive turning point in his life… A marriage proposal!

So we did everything we could to make sure they had a magical moment they would remember for the rest of their lives. Offering such services on board and participating in these key moments in the lives of our customers and thus creating unforgettable emotions, is a real satisfaction for all our experts.

BCN > LBG – “First flight for baby” theme

As previously mentioned, ultra-personalization is what makes the DNA of AccessAir.
Thus, to anticipate the needs and expectations of our customers, we have a very precise customer knowledge. A few months ago, our customers welcomed a newborn baby and his first flight was with AccessAir. In addition to the necessary administrative and on-board amenities, we wanted to mark the occasion by offering a gift to celebrate his arrival. This kind of attention creates a special relationship with our customers and inspires confidence in their travel arrangements, at every stage of their lives.

MAD > TEB – “Spa on board” theme

Among the experiences we offer on board, the “spa on board” is often selected by our customers. A few weeks ago, this service was offered on board the private jet of one of our clients, so that he could enjoy a moment of relaxation during his flight. An experienced practitioner was present for the occasion.

Flying with AccessAir means benefiting from an incomparable experience, which adapts to your desires and needs!

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