Honda Aircraft Company introduces its new private jet, the “Hondajet Elite II”.

At the NBAA show 2022, Hondajet introduced the Hondajet Elite II, part of its Elite program that aims to redefine the ultra-light jet category with new features and efficiencies beyond any other model on the market.

These innovations include improved range, fuel efficiency, performance, comfort and technology.

For the Hondajet Elite II: It has a range of 1,547 nm (110 nm more than its predecessor Elite S), more fuel capacity and a higher gross weight.

Future pilots will benefit from increased flight capability and flexibility, including new technologies such as ASAS, which detects changes in aircraft speed and provides directional assistance for improved stability.

The efficiency of this private jet is unmatched, and it is more “responsible” by using energy first and reducing carbon costs.

The aircraft is available in 9 colors: “Black Sable”, “Luxe Gold”, “Deep Sea Blue”, “Gunmetal”, “Blue”, “Ice Blue”, “Red”, “Ruby Red”, “Silver” and two interior colors: “Steel” or “Onyx”.

This private jet guarantees an extraordinary experience and can accommodate up to five passengers who will enjoy unparalleled comfort thanks to the leather seats, which articulate and swivel to optimize the ease of travel. The interior of this business jet has been designed by highly skilled engineers who have worked on the cabin acoustics to provide a first class immersive audio experience.

Indeed, Honda Aircraft’s new private jet has many qualities, making it the fastest, highest and longest private aircraft in its class when it enters service, with a top speed of 485 miles per hour and a cruising altitude of up to 43,000 feet.

Enjoy an exceptional level of tranquility aboard the Hondajet Elite II.

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