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The year 2022 is a landmark year for AccessAir, marking the move into its brand-new premises in the heart of Paris-Le Bourget airport. In this vast space, an innovation was born: JetLab.

To support its growth and better welcome its new business customers, AccessAir has just moved into its new premises at Le Bourget. On June 21, AccessAir inaugurated its new premises in the presence of JetLab. On the menu? The exclusive JetLab cocktail with exotic flavors and exceptional petits fours to satisfy all tastes and desires. We would like to thank our partners who made this event a success. Among the many guests, our customers, partners, local elected officials and relatives were able to discover the event and spend an excellent moment of conviviality in this new space of 300 m2 arranged on two floors. In these premises near the tarmac, you will find a showroom for audiovisual requests, event operations, flight attendant training, phobia treatment and much more.

This evening marks a year rich in projects and human relations and opens a new chapter for the months to come with the desire to be as close as possible to its partners and customers, but also to offer more and more innovation. This is the case with JetLab by AccessAir.

Unique in its kind, come and discover JetLab by AccessAir. Inspired by the interior of a last generation business jet, this full-size replica is designed to meet the needs of the public. Composed of 3 sections, each of which can be separated into two, JetLab offers a variety in its composition of 6 interchangeable modules while maintaining simplicity of use. Adding to this the customization options of each of the modules, AccessAir has created a true laboratory of visual possibilities.

Initially, JetLab can meet the requirements of the audiovisual industry thanks to its modular construction. No need to limit the choices of photo or video scenarios. With Jetlab, unleash your creativity and play with a tool that can separate, open, and even be uncapped. Secondly, the world of business aviation and its requirements demand impeccable and exemplary technicality. JetLab offers its flexibility and modularity for teaching purposes. Whether you are a trainer or a student, you can put theory into practice in a real and refined setting that reflects luxury and modernity.JetLab also allows psychologists and hypnotists to practice their hypnosis session in order to cure your phobia and make your anxiety related to flying disappear.

In addition, show your creativity and provide an exceptional experience by choosing JetLab by AccessAir as your next event venue. You guarantee your guests an emotional experience while setting yourself apart from the competition.

And don’t forget that JetLab comes to you! We want to see your plans come to fruition, so if they can’t be done at our location, we come to you. Thanks to its construction on wheels and its fully modular structure, it can be transported by truck to your desired location.

New premises, a new decor, a team of enthusiasts and à la carte services: AccesAir offers you its expertise in tailor-made and 100% adaptable to your needs.

The show must go on! Discover the new place to be discovered in Le Bourget! 2 Allée de Vienne, 93440 DUGNY (France).

Contact us to know the different ways of renting JetLab and all the possible options.

+33 6 78 21 06 84

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