The Accessair team is expanding

A New Operations Manager: Olivier Payen

Like the company’s projects, the AccessAir teams are expanding with the arrival of a variety of different profiles with experience both rich and diverse. The various departments of AccessAir are thus being reinforced to become more effective and efficient in order to satisfy our clients’ expectations.

The AccessAir operations team has recently been completed by the arrival of Olivier Payen, who has 18 years of experience in the aviation industry and shares his valuable knowledge with us. For a few weeks now, he has taken on the role of Operations Manager. As the head of this department, which is the heart of AccessAir’s activity, his role will be to ensure the management and supervision of the department as well as the management of several other projects.

As the driving force of the company, the Operations team handles the management of flights from the moment the customer makes a request until their arrival at their destination. As the main contact with the airlines we work with, they are responsible for the research and optimization of our customers’ aviation requests. They also ensure that our clients are constantly assisted and that the flights run smoothly.

AccessAir surrounds itself with experts

AccessAir has surrounded itself with a team of professionals for its development. A hand-picked team of specialists accompanies us in order to perfect our expertise in a wide range of fields. Several different core businesses are brought together to work towards a common goal: the growth of Accessair.

A complete team that will handle with determination the projects under development, which will be unveiled during 2022. An increase in professionalism to reach new heights.

Don’t hesitate to contact our operations team to arrange your next flight.

Operations team:

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