Challenger 3500 Wins International Award of Excellence: Red Dot in Product Design

Bombardier’s Challenger 3500 has been recognized as “Best of the Best” in the Trains and Aircraft category at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022. The Red Dot design awards are among the world’s highest distinctions and honor innovation, new concepts and excellence. The 2022 recipients will be honored in a special ceremony on June 20 in Essen, Germany, and will be featured in the Red Dot Design Yearbook.

Sustainable innovations

Introduced in September of 2021, the Challenger 3500 is a new version of the Challenger 350. The Challenger 350 is Bombardier’s best-selling aircraft, this business jet defined the Super Midsize category and in 2020 was the most delivered jet in its segment.

The upgrades made to the 350 in a variety of different aspects make the 3500 a new and advanced version.

Through the Challenger 3500, Bombardier is committed to a more sustainable future. Fuel consumption is significantly reduced through flight optimization and efficiency. CO² emissions are reduced through the use of a new technology: Bombardier’s eco app (eWAS Pilot with SITA’s OptiFlight): an application that enables crews to maximize fuel efficiency. The application works by using machine learning algorithms to continuously improve flight optimization models tailored to each operator’s specific aircraft characteristics and usage.

In addition, the aircraft cabin is equipped with more environmentally sustainable materials, such as cabin finishings that include eucalyptus veneers, which grow faster and require less water. Other examples include the use of upcycled wool and polyesters that are recovered in the manufacturing process.

This is one of the first Super Midsize business jets to have an environmental declaration that transparently communicates its environmental impact. Finally, after a flight test programme, the Challenger 3500 is the first in private aviation to be carbon neutral. These are effective actions in addition to the environmentally responsible production in Canadian factories.

A state-of-the-art interior.

In addition to its eco-friendly signature, the Challenger 3500 offers several innovative technological features: voice-controlled lighting, temperature and entertainment systems, wireless chargers throughout the cabin and the only 24-inch 4K screens in its category.

Bombardier’s new patented and exclusive Nuage seats are included in the aircraft’s base configuration, a real elevation of the passenger experience. This, according to Bombardier, is the first new seat architecture in business aviation in over 30 years. The seat offers category-defining comfort.

Finally, in Bombardier’s words, “the Challenger 3500 has the best-equipped cockpit in its category with more basic features than the competition, superior aesthetics and is equipped to meet current and future navigation requirements.

Performance that reaches new heights

It’s not just the interior design that’s being highlighted, but also the performance of the jet is being pushed to new levels.The Challenger 3500 has an extended range of 3,400 nautical miles or 6297 km. This is more than 200 nautical miles further than the previous Challenger 350, allowing the 3500 to fly directly from Paris to cities on the US East Coast.

In addition, the maximum cruising speed of the new model has been improved. It has been increased from 448 knots to 470 knots, or 870 km/h.

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